Sony STR-DH130 2-Channel Hi-Fi Receiver

  • $ 129.99

Music fans in search of both high performance and versatility from a stereo receiver, Sony presents the STR-DH130 2-Channel Hi-Fi Receiver. Connect your TV, Blu-ray disc or DVD player, gaming system and more to take your entertainment experience to new heights. Basically, it's a 2 x 135W stereo receiver that offers connectivity to your iPod and other portable music players with the built-in stereo mini-jack. It features five sets of RCA audio inputs, two sets of RCA audio outputs, 1/4" headphone jack output, an AM/FM tuner, A/B as well as A&B speaker switching. Because of the high efficiency of its design, the Sony STR-DH130 reproduces exceptional sound quality, and clarity in every audible detail.

Additionally, this receiver is not only affordable now, it will save you money in the long-term. It has an automatic standby mode that will save power to help reduce your monthly energy bills.